Subscription Club

The La Broderie Subscription Club

By signing up for this subscription you are joining the La Broderie family. We are a family owned company. Our company is under the leadership and management of Jan and Ria Pretorius and we have a team of people that create with us, who are quilters, embroiderers and artists. We all love making beautiful unique items for ourselves and for family and friends.

Exiting Every Time

We've created La Broderie Club as a way for quilters/sewers and artists across the country to get a little treat in the mail each month at a price that won't break the bank. Whether you are a seasoned quilter/artist or a person on the go with no time to shop, you'll enjoy your little quilting/art surprise every month and it will satisfy your creative muse. Your surprise will be delivered to your door monthly. 

What You Get

Available in Afrikaans and English

When you sign up to the La Broderie Subscription Club, each month you will receive a "Surprise Box" full of fun.


Whats inside ?

• 6 Fat Quarters: Fabrics - 100% cotton - 46cm x 56cm

• Notions: Small accessories for the perfect finishing touch

• Patterns: A guide to cutting, stiching and completing a unique pattern

• The Monthly Newsletter: Catch up with the latest news, special offers and more from the La Broderie Family

 --- All of which you will only get to see once you open your box. ---

So no spoilers, no teasers, just pure surprise and quilting enjoyment when you receive your Subscribtion Box

We have tons of other perks and invite you to check it out! Visit our website for all the details and to of course sign up! We want you all to be a part of the La Broderie Subscription Club and build on what is already an amazing quilting community.